Q: What is steem power?
A: Steem power gives you the ability to post and upvote people’s content. The more steem power you have the more your upvote is worth!

Q: How do I sell steem dollars for steem?
A: In your wallet, if you click the dropdown arrow next to your steem dollars amount, you wi see market. Click market and then sell Steem dollars for Steem.

Q: How do I earn steem dollars and steem?
A: You can earn both of these by creating content, and commenting on other people’s content. When people upvote your comments or content you will be rewarded with steem.

Q: Who should I tag?
A: You should tag the topic that is most relevant to you, and always tag STEEMaustralia and teamaustralia

Q: How do I add pictures to my steem posts?
A: You can add a picture by dragging it from your computer and dropping it into the location you wish to put the picture in your post.

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