Come for the Rewards, Stay for the Community

Fast Transactions

Steem is a next-generation blockchain, uniquely designed to run real-time applications with only 3-second confirmations.

Zero Fees

Steem introduces a ‘Proof of Brain’ mining concept that enables transactions to be fee free and environmentally sustainable.

Reliable Network

Steem has been running for over 18 months and processes more transactions than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined.


Earn Steem with your words

Steemit is the primary platform to earn STEEM. You can create unique original content and get rewarded in Steem by the community. Or if you prefer to read, curation rewards are also distributed to the curators.

More ways to earn STEEM


steem waves


Australian Merchants Accepting Steem

Some merchants have already made the switch to Steem. Ask your favourite merchant when they will start accepting Steem.

Fun Facts About Team Australia

  • Over 300 members
  • Active community
  • Regular meetups
  • 15% of members live overseas
team australia 300